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Gabriela Best

Assistant Professor: Department of Economics, California State University, Fullerton


Policy Preferences and Policymakers’ Beliefs: The Great Inflation 2017. Macroeconomic Dynamics, Vol. 21 (8), pp. 1957-1995.  DOI Version

Monetary Policy and News Shocks: Are Taylor Rules Forward-looking? (with Pavel Kapinos), 2016. The B.E. Journal of Macroeconomics (Contributions). ISSN (Online) 1935-1690, ISSN (Print) 2194-6116, DOI version

A New Keynesian Model with Staggered Price and Wage Setting under Learning 2015. Journal of Economic Dynamics and Control, Vol. 57, 96-111.

Fear of Floating or Monetary Policy as Usual? A Structural Analysis of Mexico’s Monetary Policy 2013. North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 24, 45-62.

Working Papers

Bad Luck, Bad Policy, or Learning? A Markov-Switching Approach to Understanding Postwar U.S. Macroeconomic Dynamics (with Joonyoung Hur). SSRN copy here. 

News, Real-time Forecasts, and the Price Puzzle (with Pavel Kapinos).

Is the Fed’s News Perception Different from the Private Sector’s? (with Pavel Kapinos). 

Work in Progress

Monetary Policy Perceptions (with Fabio Milani)